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Sandro Maglione

Computer Engineer Student

I am interested in everything related to computer science and technology in general. I am currently undergoing a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering at Politecnico di Milano while in the meantime working on different projects to be able to expand my knowledge of other subjects and fields.


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My Projects

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It is my first open source project on Github. Basically, it is the template on which is based this webpage. It is created mainly with Bootstrap, SASS and PHP. I wanted to create this template to help developers all around the world to let people know on which programming languages and technologies they are able to code. I designed it to work like a programming curriculum where you can showcase your knowledge and your achievements.
When I started programming 7 years ago I decided with a group of friends to open our own website, When we started it was just for fun, then it evolved as it is today. The website is by now at his 6th version. It is developed with HTML5 (markup), CSS and jQuery (Graphics Design), JavaScript (functionalities), PHP (server side), SQL (MySQL, database). Through our blog posts we share our projects and knowledge to the world. It has Google AdSense, Google AdWords and Google Analytics integrated.
FillTheGap is the second game that I designed, developed and released successfully on the Google Play Store. It is made entirely with Unity 2D (coded in C#). I created the concept, the graphics, the images and I developed this idea all by myself. It took me three month of work but I managed to publish it as a mobile game for Android.
This was my first real project that I managed to publish online. It is a mobile game for Android and it is online in two different releases, Free version and Pro version. I created it with Android Studio when the IDE was still in beta. Since it was one of the first project that I undertook all by myself, it took me five months to complete it. It was a success for me. By now the game has 5000 download on the Google Play Store and his available in 4 languages.
I love to take part at some different coding competitions. I like the challange, find solutions to problems. I learned a lot about algorithms and data structures. I usually code the solution to the problems with C++ or JavaScript. I won the regional phase of the Olympics of Computer Science with my team in Lombardia, Italy, and then we reached the 6th position in the national phase. I regularly take part to some other coding competitions on and I am also going to sign in for the Google Hash Code 2018.