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I am currently undergoing a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.
I went to High School Science Liceo Enrico Fermi in Cantù. I choose the option bilingual to improve my english and learn german.
I get my first scholarship at the end of the middle school.

  • Project Management
  • Business Administration

I started coding in 2012 and since then I experienced with these programming languages. In general I find programming very intuitive and I can easily learn new programming languages.

  • Web oriented

  • Applications

  • Mobile

  • Others

I always get in the game, because I like to compete in a productive way. I think that through programming contest you can learn how to manage time, pressure, decision and much more. Because of that I put myself out there and gladly subscribe to various to competitions.

It has been a great experience taking part to the competition Google Hash Code 2018. Me and my team (codeIT) qualified 80nd out of 340 competitors in Italy and 1359nd out of 4852 in the world.

I brought together a team of five people to take part to the Computer Science Olympics. This competition was about solving five problems (with C++) in four hours. I play the role of the leader of the group. I was able to solve problems, organize the group to work together and have the situation under control at the same time. We ended up winning the first place out of 30 (Regional) and 6th place (National) out of 30 teams selected from the winners of the Regional phase.

I took part to a german competition organised by Goethe Institut with my high school class mates. The competition was about produce a cartoon of the series "Der Junge Goethe" developed by David Maier. I drove my mates with the video and audio production of the series. I also developed a webpage to present the work done with success. We ended up winning a workshop with the cartoonist.

I like to extend my horizons, because of that I try a lot of new things every day and I have had experiences with many Operating Systems.
I keep trying until I find something suitable according to my needs.

  • Linux based

  • Others

  • Mobile

  • Arm

The practing of a variery of differents sports tought me how to train myself up to my full potential. I think that through sports-pain you can learn how to embrace life challenges and grow as a human being. For example thourgh extreme sports like motocross or mountain climbing I learned how to stay calm in a difficoult situation. I adopt a healthy lifestyle.

I love running. I started my carrer as an athlete in 2016. On the official site of FIDAL you can find my main personal bests. I ended up to win the sixth place in the regional competition on 1500 m closing them in 4 minutes and 29 seconds.

I have played more than six year football as a goal-keeper. Many teams was looking for me, but I had to break my career because of injury in the back.

I love motorbikes and the adrenaline in overdrive.
I own a Ktm exc 125 and I used to race in mx or enduro class.

I started practicing Martial Arts in 2014 with Krav Maga, in which I am currently green belt. At the moment I am practing Muay Thai. I like brasilian jiu jitsu too, I had the chance to learn it through my krav maga instructor.

I designed and build my own structur of Calisthenics in carpentry of my cousin and I started practicing Calisthenics in my garden.