Since 2013 we have proudly accomplished a lot of project. Here you find the most successful.

Raspberry Pi Car

In 2013 we developed Raspberry Pi Car and we wrote a guide on how to build one. Our tutorial helped a lot of people to build their own Raspberry Pi Car and the official page of the Pi decided to share our project with the world

Basically it's a remote controlled (over Wi-Fi) toy car with a Raspberry Pi onboard.There is a webcam on the car too, that permits to stream everything in real-time from the car to the computer. Basically it's based on Node.js and Javascript that allow the user to control the car direction directly fron keyboard. (Simply by pressing W S A D on the computer). Everything works in real-time over Wi-Fi and with a little delay over the Internet.(The car can access the internet through a forwarded router or 3G too). If you are in New York and the car is in Italy you can control it and make it move around.

Our video on youtube just reached 38k views, just awesome!

Computer Science Olympics | Coding Competition

In 2014 we took part to a national computer science coding competition called “Olimpiadi di Informatica”. This competition was about solving five problems (with C++) in four hours. We ended up winning the first place out of 30 (Regional) and 6th place (National) out of 30 teams selected from the winners of the Regional phase.

Falling Grid

In 2015, after many attempts to develop a game, we released our first one on Google Play Store: Falling Grid. It currently reached more than 5k download and app gratuita decided to promote us!

Google Hash Code 2018

It has been a great experience taking part to the competition Google Hash Code 2018. Our team, codeIT, qualified 80nd out of 340 competitors in Italy and 1359nd out of 4852 in the world.