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But why? You can ask us question related to our articles, you can report us mistakes (yes, we are human and we can make mistakes lol), or you can ask us to join our team and start to cooperate with us writing articles and much more! Feel free to contact us, we will reply you as soon as we see your message. If you want to contact directly a team member here you are the email address:




Why there’s a sign in button on the home page?

As you can see in the new version of our website there’s a sign in button on the home page. That’s because we are going to give you the opportunity to join us writing articles on our blog! Through the sign in button, once you have been approved, you will join in a private area in which you will be able to create new amazing articles.

Why should I join the newsletter?

You should join the newsletter to always stay tuned with our new articles. Not spam, not sponsorship, not avd…we will just notify you when a new article is available so you can run to read it. You can unsubscribe in every moment.

What can I gain by being a member of the team?

Being a member of the team can help you to improve your knowledge, your English, your ability in writing and much more. You can also have the opportunity to get noticed for your work. In fact we reach about 3k views per month.