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How to make a number more easy to understand

When you develop an application or a game in which you have to manage some sort of score system it is important to make all the data simply recognizab...



We have been working on this project for long time and now it is ready and available on Google Play Store! FillTheGap is a compelling and intriguing a...


Send post parameters via Python

In this article we are going to present a simple Python script that allow you to send post parameter. Through this useful software you can test your s...


Android app Log In through PHP and JSON

Many of you asked us about this topic, so in this article we are going to explain how to develop a simple connection between our Android app and a mys...


Python - Send email through SMTP

In this article we are going to explain how to send an e-mail through a simple python script. This software results to be very useful if you are using...


SVG Radar Graph v1.0

Do you want to quickly generate a radar graph? This article is for you! We are going to explain how to use our PHP and SVG to generate a graph. The so...