Through this article you are going to learn how to create a graph of radar type with our application created thorugh PHP and SVG. As usual the app is free and open-source, just click on the button below to try it! Let's start...



What is SVG? SVG is a simple programming language based on XLM that allows you to set up pics into vector graphics. The main features of SVG are:

  • Textuality: You can edit the code with a simple text editor.
  • It is vector based: You can zoom the pics without losing quality.
  • Open-Source
  • XML based
  • Interactivity
  • Dynamic: You can generate animations


General Software informations

Let's us. We have developed a software that allows you to create, visualize and download as image a radar graph through PHP and SVG. You can create graph up to eight values. You have just to insert the values, the labels text and the colors in hex format for each element. You will immediately see the graph appear. The system can be fully customized according to your needs.


Set up the graph values is pretty simple, you just need to insert in the text inputs this three values categories

  • VALUES: You can set the value of every single branch of the graph by choosing it thorugh the inputs on the right (default value is 50%)
  • LABELS: You can easily set up the text shown in all the labels at the margin of the graph. If you don't fill this input there will be no labels shown (look at the example below)
  • COLORS: The software also allow you to personalize all the colors of the graph
    • Color Radar Area it is the color which fill the radar graph
    • Color Image Background it is the background color of the whole image
    • Color Scheme Lines it is the color of the lines of the graph
    • Color Radar Area Border it is the color which fill the radar graph border
    • Color Labels is the color of the labels in the graph
    The colors will be saved every time you create a new graph just in case you would keep them the same

NB: The software and the graph images created with it are free for personal use. You must credit the C.M.Programmers (a link to our website is enough) to use the images for commercial purposes



RadarGraphScreen1 RadarGraphScreen2 RadarGraphScreen3 RadarGraphScreen4