We have been working on this project for long time and now it is ready and available on Google Play Store! FillTheGap is a compelling and intriguing arcade game. It is one of a kind and you can not miss the opportunity to play it, trying to rise through the international world ranking and beat the best players!


Download FillTheGap now and you will get a special rewards of 100 free gems. Do not miss this opportunity!!!

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The goal is to create shapes around the screen to fill much space as possible while avoiding the balls (sterminator) bouncing continuously and tirelessly. Each level is an exciting challenge that will allow you to earn points to reach the top positions in the world ranking. You also have the ability to customize the most of your profile by choosing the color of the shapes, the sterminator and profile picture. The choice is yours! The game goals give you the ability to unlock colors, images of sterminator or special profile and a good reward in gems.

Features of FillTheGap

  • Two levels packs
  • A secret level pack
  • Game goals with fantastic rewards
  • A store where you can customize the most of the gaming experience through the purchase of profile pictures, colors and sterminator
  • Detailed scores and statistics to track your progress
  • The world ranking will give you the chance to compete against the best players
  • Multiplayer (coming soon…)


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Have fun!