Nowadays so many websites have really good services, applications or informations, but most of these websites are pretty much unknown! That's because they don't have a proper style which helps them looking better.
The most famous websites in the world have thousands of line of css code. But what's append when you remove them? By removing the css you can take a look to the core of the website and understand why the style is the most important aspect while designing a web page.

Design is more important than technology in most consumer applications. - Dave McClure


The first website we are going to show you is the most famous one, the homepage of Google!

googleWithoutCss googleWithCss

As you can clearly see, despite the simplicity of the page, the homepage of Google has so many hidden links in the header. If you remove the style you can also see all the hidden messages of the page. That's append because it has been removed the display: none property which hide these messages. You can also notice that the website itself now doesn't look simple and easy to understand as it was before.


Now let's take a look to the access page of Facebook

facebookWithoutCss facebookWithCss

The page itself has so many different options and links both in the header and in the footer. All these links are well organized by the css style. But if we remove it they start looking confused in the whole page. We can't recognize which are the main page contents because of all these lists everywhere in the page.


The last website we are going to show you today is Instagram!

instagramWithoutCss instagramWithCss

Instagram is famous for making all the images and the contents looking amazing. To reach this goal they must have a simple interface with some style to make the whole content easy to understand. That's why, despite the fact that we have removed the css from the page, it seems much more clear than the other two pages that we have discussed before. The homepage only has one form, a slideshow of images and a footer list.

A good organization in the page content is fundamental before you start to add some css

This is the part 1 of this series, stay tuned for the part 2 and let us know which website you want to see without css!