Today we want to start a new series of articles in which we are going to show you the most useful projects and startups (in our opinion) that we found by surfing on the web. Some of these websites could change your way of approaching some problems because they can really provide some useful tools that you can use in your daily work!

      Built by @techstorey, The Startup Button is an engaging place for the community to discover new internet startups, and for founders to share their startups with the world.

      Through this service you can share your new project with the world. We know that it’s really important for a startup to make as many followers as possible. So, why not try to share your project here?

      Betatesters is a platform connecting mobile app developers and beta testers. The mobile app developers will get to ship better quality apps and beta testers will have access to the world’s freshest apps.

      The secret for an application to become famous is to be known as early as possible and to avoid horrible bugs. That’s where Beta testing comes in! If your beta testing phase is well done your app will surely be a step ahead of the others app in the stores. In you can find a community of people that will help you test your application. You can also become a tester yourself to help other people!

      Website Speed Test analyzes a website's images and provides a ranking for a variety of image aspects and categories. Using a grade range of A-F, it rates the image format, fit, compression rate, color space and color depth.

      When you are designing your website and your graphics you also need to take care of the speed of your web page. Usually, when your page takes too much time to load (we are talking about seconds, one second could make the difference!) the user will leave your website without seeing it. That’s why you need to optimize your web page performances. You can use this service to know which images are too heavy and to know how to improve the performances of your page.

    2. LOGOLIX
      Logolix is a remote design team coordinated by Jovan Babovic. We focus on logo design for startups and strive to produce high quality logos that are accessible for startups at all stages.

      If you need a logo for your startup you can take a look at Logolix. You can choose from some free, exclusive and custom logo design. This website is also good to take some inspiration if you can’t afford these prices and you want to design a logo on your own.

    AI that styles your photos like your favorite works of art.

    The last website that we want to share is Plundr. Everyone dreams to transform its images like its favorite works of art. That’s exactly what Plundr is designed for. Make your images memorable like a real piece of art!