From the creators of Falling Grid and FillTheGap, a new exciting game is coming. This time we would like to share the progress of our new game from the beginning to the final release. Our goal is to encourage you to play, share your personal feedback and suggestions, to allow us to create a fun game altogether. In order to do that, we are starting a new series of articles in which we are going to share with you all the development process of our new game. We are going to collect suggestions, feedback and whatever ideas you might come up with to improve and build the game week by week.


This series is also intended for game developers or people who would like to create their own game. We will share with you our development journey, from zero to the release, by explaining to you what problems we faced throughout the way, how we solved them and how to come up with a great and engaging game. The game is developed with Unity, we will explain some basic programming and designing concept throughout the series. There won't be any technical explanation, we will keep the details as simple as possible to allow everyone to have a clear idea of the game and its progress.


If you already have any suggestions after reading our article feel free to send us an email at or tag us on social media. We are going to release the first alpha version of the game as soon as we will have something to play with.


We are glad to offer the full unlocked version of the final release of the game and also give credits in the game description and on our website to whoever will be willing to help us testing, improving and releasing a fun and exciting game. Thank you all.



Today we are going to review our first week of development, highlighting the progress made day by day. We will walk through all the problems we faced and how we came up with a solution. We will also explain what are the mechanics of the game and we will show you the first screenshots of the game by now.

What the game is about

The game is a puzzle that the player needs to solve with the least amount of moves possible. Each block of the game can be moved in the four directions: up, down, left or right. Once a move has been triggered the block starts sliding until it finds a wall or another block. The goal of each level is to get the player to reach a target tile. The player is required to figure out which block move to allow the main block to reach the end tile. 



That's it. The concept is pretty simple to understand but just like other puzzle games is hard to master. We are planning to add some more obstacles and power-ups, but we will talk about them in a future article. We would love to know some of your ideas about it, your creative mind has for sure already come up with millions of features that would make the game even better.

Day 1 - Setting up the game

  • Set up all the folders and the standard resources needed
  • Created the prefabs for the blocks of the game
  • Initizialized grid of the game with the number of row/columns variable
  • Initizialized main and extra block in the scene
  • Align camera position to center the grid in the middle of the screen
  • Added swipe input gesture
  • Added blocks movement on swipe
  • Cleaned and fully commented the code in order to understand how each function works (IMPORTANT)


Day 2 - First UI and collisions

  • Added extra blocks movement
  • Adjusted visual look of the game
  • Made blocks collide with each other on movement
  • Added swipe sensibility setting
  • Added extra block selection on click
  • Added movement particle effect
  • Added first UI components (moves display)

Day 3 - Visual look and script organization

  • New font uploaded
  • Updated UI components (new font, color, and position)
  • Added blocks color custom selection
  • Added pulse effect behind the block on selection
  • Double click to change selected block
  • Divided functionalities in more script, cleaned some garbage code
  • Shared first preview image on Twitter

Day 4 - First bugs to fix

  • Added undo move button
  • Added some more folders to the project
  • Fixed some small bugs on the blocks movement and visual effects
  • Start working on the level selection

Day 5 - Level selection

  • Keep working on the level selection
  • Problem with Unity coordinates system, some issues while updating the main grid and the camera view
  • Cleaned the code and deleted unuseful lines of code

Day 6 - Updated moving system

  • Updated moving system to make it more clean and versatile to use. These change caused the game to crash, we were looking for a solution to make the whole system run without problems
  • Solved coordinates problem of yesterday, completed level selection system
  • Attached movement script to each block to simplify the collision handler system

Day 7 - First main issues which slow down the production

  • Found a main issue while trying to handle new block movement system. We are still looking for an efficient solution to allow each block to move independently from the others


That's all for this first week of development. We are going to share our progress on our social networks throughout the whole week. Come back one week from now to keep yourself updated on the game progress. We will work to release the first alpha version of the game during the next week, so stay tuned!