Work in progress

Here we are again one week later from the last and first article about our game development journey. The first week of production was, as it always is, full of new experimental features every day. It is the prototype week, we were coding some of the core aspects of the game to understand what works and what does not. We feel satisfied with how the gameplay turned out, so we were ready to make everything more clean, durable and readable. That's why the last week we did not add any new major feature.

Instead, we focused our attention on refining every script and clean every single functionality. Those processes may cause some more extra time to spend in the early stages of development, but we know it will be definitely worth in the long run for the game and its future.

What is the problem

Every developer knows that the first version of any code is really bad; if it's not there are some problems...

Everything works fine until it comes the time to add the new game changer feature that will make the game awesome. Great, where is the problem? The problem lays in the code itself. You find out that, once that new feature might work, all the others now don't anymore. That's because you did not polish your code. Every function it's deeply related to the other and by changing one simple detail you cause your entire project to crush.

There are two solutions right now:

  1. Try to find each and every single new bug and fix it individually. This approach will cause some new hundred lines of code. It will make also tougher and tougher to add new features as the game grows.
  2. Stop for a moment, come back to your steps and design your code to work independently and smoothly. That is where we are right now!

How is the game going

That being said, you are not going to see any new awesome feature in the next days (but they are coming, do not worry, we have soo many ideas!). Nevertheless, the game works and it will grow smoother and better after we will be done with the cleaning process. Here you are the preview image I posted on Twitter some days ago:

Game Preview Image

As you can see, a lot has changed from the last week. Here you are a full list of the new improvements:

  • Solved major problem with movement system
  • Completed collision system and count moves system
  • Added Undo and UndoAll buttons on the bottom of the screen, now you are able to quickly come make on your path and restart the level
  • Changed theme color (we are still experimenting, we are always looking for suggestions!)
  • Reduced players blocks sizes + bounce effect on collision
  • New smooth Camera zoom effect at the start of the level
  • Added new feature, the 'blocker tile'. Other blocks will immediately stop their movement once they step on top of this special and insidious tile
  • UI major update: ProgressBar on the top of the screen, changed texts sizes and colors, added Undo and UndoAll icons at the bottom of the screen, updated level label at the bottom of the screen

What is coming

We have so many ideas in coming. Many new features will be added to make the game even more difficult, intriguing and challenging to win. Some new blocks, new effects, statistics, lots of levels to play and... a full online mode to play against your friends around the world! That's right, we are planning to add a custom level editor, to create your own unique levels to play with your friends, as well as a competitive multiplayer mode. Stay tuned to see how it grows!

What about the alpha your promised

Do not worry, it is coming! We are working hard to make the game playable for everyone who can't wait to play it in its alpha version. We have some more work to do because we want you to be able to judge our gameplay on some initial levels.

So, when? We are not sure yet, or are we? Maybe next week? As we said, stay tuned...